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HOUSEHOLDS across the country have experienced exorbitant electricity price rises over the past decade and there’s no signs of these hikes slowing down.

The cost of power nationally has risen by a massive 119 per cent over the past 10 years and many states have been hit by another round of increases just this month.

Queensland, Victoria and NSW consumers are among the worst hit, all experiencing hikes by more than 120 per cent in the past decade, according to new analysis by consumer group One Big Switch.

A report released last week showed on a global scale our energy prices are high, with Australian households paying energy companies more for electricity than consumers do in any other country in the OECD.


One Big Switch campaign director Joel Gibson says consumers are fed up with being gouged unnecessarily for power and it is time to get more competitive deals on their energy costs.

It beggars belief that we pay so much for what many would consider a basic human right,’ he says.

Whatever your price rise is this July, it comes on top of a bill that has at least doubled in a decade and thats extraordinary.

In New South Wales prices have climbed by 127 per cent or an average price rise of 10 per cent.

In Victoria prices have risen by 120 per cent despite no price rise this month.

In Queensland prices have climbed by 151 per cent including an average increase of four per cent this July.

In South Australia prices have risen by 107 per cent including an average increase of 11 per cent.

In Western Australia prices have risen by 98 per cent including a seven per cent increase this month.

In the Northern Territory prices have risen by at least 87 per cent

In Tasmania prices have risen by 71 per cent including a rise of 3.43 per cent this July which

is expected to translate to an extra $60 to $70 a year for typical household customers.


Financial comparison website Mozos spokeswoman Kirsty Lamont says rising power bills have been a significant source of financial pain for many households.

Across the country our research shows the average electricity bill for a typical three-person household is close to $2000 per year,’ she says.

If youve never shopped around or your contract has expired its more than likely that you are paying much more than you should be.

Theres a huge difference between the best and the worst energy plans on the market.

While deciphering energy costs is a challenge, she suggests focusing on rates including charges kilowatt her hour, fixed charges and late fees.


The Big Energy Switch, a campaign by One Big Switch, aims to bring down the cost of electricity for households.

The campaign is seeking 40,000 households to help unlock group-discounted energy offers to fight the rising cost of power.

Go to this site for more information.

There is no obligation to take up any offer.

News Corp Australia and One Big Switch will earn a commission from any accepted deals.

News Corp is a shareholder of One Big Switch.